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Mass Effect 2 At the beginning of the game, Shepard is killed when the Collectors attack and destroy the Normandy. Diesmal geht es nicht um die Reaper und das Ende des Universums.

Light Spoilers: Shepherd VI

Your bravery and heroism have earned you medals and recognition from the Alliance fleet. Kriegshelden wurden auf Elysium von Batarianern angegriffen. The Commander's hardsuit was damaged by explosions and Shepard was flung into space, barely surviving the Normandy's destruction.

Shepard is referenced both in conversations between characters, and in audio logs sent by Liara T'Soni to Alec Ryder, the player character's father.

Once the Commander's body is retrieved by the duo, they decide to give it to the pro-human organisation Cerberus, rather than turning it over to the Collectors.

Mass Effect: 5 Gründe, warum

Early in your military career you found yourself facing an overwhelming enemy force. Hier treten ganz einfach vier Spieler im Koop gegen Wellen von Gegnern an. The Normandy was sent into a sector where three ships were reported to have gone missing in the space of one month.

Vor allem die Wahl der richtigen Extras ist hier entscheidend.

Mass Effect: Nur 18 Prozent haben die weibliche Shepard gespielt

Both of your parents were in the Alliance military. Your reputation for ruthless efficiency makes your fellow soldiers wary of you.

Bonus Talents If the player is creating a second character, at this point any unlocked bonus talents may be selected. Welches Geheimnis verbergen die riesigen Strukturen auf den verwesten Planeten, an denen die aggressiven Aliens so interessiert waren?

Mass Effect: Andromeda angespielt – die Suche nach dem neuen Shepard

Mass Effect: As the rest of the crew abandoned ship, Shepard went to rescue Jokerwho refused the initial evacuation order believing he could still save the ship.

After Saren's treachery is exposed to the Council through the use of an audio recording that mentions "the Reapers", which are believed to be a race of synthetic-organic starships that eradicate all organic civilization every 50, years, the Council revoke Saren's Spectre status and make Shepard the first ever human Spectre, though they believe the Reapers are merely a myth Saren is using to manipulate the geth.

Scott muss Krieger sein und Diplomat, Forscher und Detektiv. Two years later, Shepard awakens in the lab of a Cerberus space station, which is under attack.

Andromeda[ edit ] Main article: The Catalyst explains to Shepard the purpose of the Reapers and their cycle of destruction, and then states that Shepard has up to three options for ending the cycle: Unlike other role-playing game protagonists, they felt Shepard should not be an entirely blank character for the player to create, in order to create a more "intense" experience; with Mass Effect being more cinematic than other BioWare video games, they felt they needed an "extra bit" with a sense of a specific flavor that can be caused by a memorable character, such as Star Trek 's Captain Kirk or 24 's Jack Bauer.

Over the course of the game, Shepard must assemble a team to prepare for a final assault on the Collector base accessible only through the Omega-4 Relay, a relay that destroys all non-Collector ships that try to go through it.

You've been called cold, calculating, and brutal. Wer steckt hinter den Sabotageakten auf dem Siedlungsschiff "Nexus"? Mass Effect: Shepard and David Anderson escape to the Alliance-refitted Normandy SR-2where Anderson recommissions and charges Shepard with finding help while he stays behind to lead the resistance.

Alan Shepard was chosen due to fitting with the idea of "their" Shepard, being tough and respected, and fitting in with the character being the first human Spectre — Alan Shepard being the first American in space. The Reapers rebuild the galaxy, including the mass relays, and the new Shepard A.

Redemptiontaking place two years before the second game's main events, concerns how Shepard's body was retrieved by Liara T'Soni and then given to Cerberus after the character's death in Mass Effect 2's prologue.

Unfortunately, the Illusive Man seeks to oppose the Commander's efforts while trying to find a way to control the Reapers. This upgrade costs 50, platinum; the upgrade itself does not heal the scars, but upgrades the medical bay, where Shepard can go to heal the scars at any time. In both of the other backgrounds, Shepard's parents are deceased or otherwise absent.

You risked your own life to save your fellow soldiers and defeat the enemy despite the impossible odds. Let's go.

Commander Shepard

Shepard manages to stop them, destroy Sovereign, and save the Citadel. · Mass Effect 3's story is a continuation of Shepard's story and if Shepard died in Mass Effect 2 that death is considered final.[29] Similarly, any squadmates who did not survive the suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2 will not return in Mass Effect 3.[30]"Operating System: PS3, PC, WIIU, X Lieutenant Commander Shepard ist der menschliche Protagonist der Mass Effect-Trilogie.

Vorname, Geschlecht und Aussehen können während der Profilwiederherstellung angepasst werden. Man wählt Vorname, Geschlecht und Aussehen können während der Profilwiederherstellung angepasst werden.

· Im November erschien der erste Teil der "Mass Effect"-Reihe, damals als Exklusivspiel für Xbox und PC. Im Dezember kam dann auch die PS3-Version der gefeierten Science-Fiction-Serie heraus.4,8/5(70).

· Capítulo Haestrom, rescatamos a Tali de los geth! Tema musical: Freak like me Álvaro Cabrera.

Mass Effect: 10 Jahre Commander Shepard - Happy Birthday! Mass Effect ist heute 10 Jahre alt – Happy Birthday Commander Shepard! Wir lassen die Highlights der Serie Revue passieren. Wie dem offiziellen Forum von Entwickler Bioware zu entnehmen ist, zeichnet Erik Schäffler erneut für die deutsche Stimme von Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 verantwortlich.

Sheppard diet mass effect
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